Dave helps PartsArena out

PartsArena | Dave Campaign

Our winter marketing campaign for PartsArena Pro kicked off this month. And Dave is doing a great job!

Using the headline “Are you like Dave?” (and some lighted-hearted images of “Dave” the frustrated heated engineer) the campaign highlights the key difficulties experienced when working on-site:

* Ordering the wrong boiler parts due to lack of information
* Wasting time and money with return visits
* Fixing problems that shouldn’t happen in the first place

Drawing from recent customer research, the campaign explains the key benefits of PartsArena Pro – often in the customer’s own words.

PartsArena is used by 50,000 heating engineers across the UK. Delivering the largest collection of technical manuals, parts numbers and interactive diagrams to your mobile device, a survey revealed that 82% of users have cut down on incorrectly ordered parts.

Throughout the campaign, we’re offering heating engineers a FREE two-week trial of PartsArena Pro. There’s no better way to appreciate the benefits than first-hand during your working week.

To get your FREE trial, head over to www.infomill.com/dave or call Alex on 01332 253176.

And what about Dave? Well, we’ve set him up with a free two-week trial and he’s made up! He’s going to take out a subscription for PartsArena Pro, having seen just how much better his work can be when it’s to hand, wherever he is.

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